Last year, London DJ Amy Becker put together a 12-track compilation with some of the most exciting names from the UK underground (and beyond), and she’s back in 2016 with a new project. This time, though, she’s called on some of her favorite artists to remix existing tracks, and the resulting EP ranges across grime, UK funky, jungle, and raw, uncategorizable club music.

“I just think the compilation format in general can be pretty dry,” Becker explains. “They often end up being partly comprised of cuts that have been sat on producers’ laptops for a while…this time I wanted to invite some artists that represent the music I love to play to get in the studio and put their stamp on four tracks exclusively for the release. Personally, getting my hands on remixes, VIPs and edits of existing tracks can sometimes be more satisfying than discovering something entirely new, and I wanted to give music fans and DJs alike that same feeling.”

Logos, Scratcha DVA, and Deamonds each go in on their remixes, but the most exiting track might be rising grime trio YGG’s take on Sir Spyro’s anthem “Side By Side,” featuring OG MCs Big H, Bossman Birdie, and President T. YGG, made up of PK, Saint and Lyrically Strally, bring an incredible youthful energy to Spyro’s heavy beat with verses that you’ll need to run back a few times. Aye carumba, indeed. Amy Becker ex


Amy became familiar with YGG at London radio station Radar Radio, and tells us, “They are extremely talented as individual MCs, but what really got me excited about them was how strong they are as a trio. I don’t think there are enough grime MC groups these days, and the chemistry between them is most apparent when they jump on a set and freestyle—the way they build energy by finishing each other’s sentences and hype each other up is refreshing. That’s why when I initially got their ‘Side By Side’ version in my inbox I was particularly gassed at the fact there was no hook in sight. It’s raw, it’s punchy and it’s YGG simply doing what they do best—shelling!

Amy Becker’s remix EP is out today. Watch the video for YGG’s “Side By Side” above and listen to the three other remixes below.Buy the vinyl (with its awesome artwork) here.