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Aesop Rock recently released his seventh studio album, The Impossible Kid. Entirely self-produced like its predecessor Skelethon, the album features Aesop Rock on the top of his game. He’s also been keeping things high quality when it comes to his videos, too, releasing a number of memorable videos and a 48-minute long video that accompanied the stream of the entire album. He’s definitely been bringing a distinct flair when it comes to his visuals, that’s for sure.

His newest video is definitely the cutest of his The Impossible Kid videos, starring a rescue cat named Dina. In the “Kirby” video, Aesop Rock is portrayed by a puppet that looks remarkably similar to him in real life, albeit cartoony and made of felt. In the Toben Seymour-directed video, Aesop Rock plays with the cat, who seems to have a whole lot of energy to use up. Dina, the cat in the video, was recused from the streets of Los Angeles, and has since found a forever home following the shooting of the video.

The description for the video asks viewers to help out cats in their local areas, or to consider donating to an animal shelter. You can learn more about adopting animals at The Animal Human Society here.

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