The Neighbourhood’s frontman Jesse Rutherford has released a string of excellent solo tracks under his “&” alias over the last few months—and they’ve all been hip-hop influenced alt-pop songs that would go nicely before, during, or after your next night out. Today, he gets a little more serious with the release of “Vacation.”

“This song is dedicated to my friend Cole & his family,” he says. “His mother, Franny, just lost her life to cancer.”

Over bass-heavy production from Jeremy Rocwell, Rutherford gets introspective on a track that lets us in on the inner workings of his mind more than anything we’ve heard on his solo material so far.

“His loss makes me so sad, but it also makes me think about the people I do have here with me right now & how important it is to keep your relationships with your loved ones in tact,” he continues. “Sometimes I get so caught up with my bullshit that I forget to call or text my mom or sister. Time is just as precious for all of us. I’m gonna try to get better at sharing mine.”

Listen below, and if you’d like to help Cole’s family out with medical bills, there is a GoFundMe page set up here.