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If there’s one strong theme that carries throughout Wara From The NBHD’s latest project If Guns Could Speak PSA, it’s that he plays by his own rules. That much is clear within the lyrics of “Shotclock,” and now he delivers the visuals to match. In his new video directed by Matt Westrich, Wara looks ready to wreak havoc. And his sharp delivery over the hard-hitting production create the perfect soundtrack for it.

Wara refers to every track on PSA as a “musical statement”—they’re not to be taken lightly, and he’s already seen the backlash from it after receiving take down notices from YouTube. “YouTube making me take the videos down let me know that I was doing my job,” Wara explains. “Art should get under people’s skin. That was its entire purpose from jump—to deliver a message to whomever it may have concerned.”

Watch the video above.

After the video for “Bubblin” was taken down by YouTube, Wara decided to make it a two-in-one with the addition of “Don’t Call 911,” and re-upload the visuals. Watch them below.

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