Photo by Kayla Varley

Photo by Kayla Varley

Of all the tracks from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, “i” is perhaps the track that lends itself best to reinterpretation. To live up to the insane standards Kendrick set with the original isn’t the easiest of tasks, but L.A.-based artist vōx sure gives it one hell of a shot with her intense reinvention of the track. Produced by Dylan Brady, whom she previously worked with for the excellent “Your Vice,” vōx’s take on “i” is a complete transformation from top to bottom.

Speaking about the significance of the cover, vōx explained, “I felt like I was never going to fit into this world when I was a kid. I was deeply sensitive and depressed, and I didn’t have anyone to share the art I was making within the small town I grew up in. To go from feeling unworthy to worthy, it’s a huge and very human accomplishment. That’s what creativity has done for me. That’s what this song means to me. It’s a power, and I take it back for myself.”

Listen to and download the beautifully intense cover of “i” below, and make sure to catch vōx when she performs at the School Night event at Bardot in Los Angeles on April 18.

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