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“The syrup isn’t what’s killing people. It’s the lifestyle that’s killing you,” Paul Wall says in response to Master P’s recent comments that syrup is killing this generation.

In an interview with DJ Smallz, Wall says he doesn’t personally know anyone whose death was strictly due to syrup (codeine) consumption. Instead, he attributes a string of deaths surrounding the prescription drug to a generally unhealthy lifestyle that surrounds the culture, explaining that “you wouldn’t normally see a syrup sipper that’s exercising [and] drinking water, but that’s what it’s come to.”

“I don’t know one person in the history of the world who ever died from sipping syrup,” he continues. “They might have syrup in their body when they die, but that don’t kill them… Handlebars [Xanax] are sending people to the grave. Shooting heroin up is sending people to the grave… Alcohol is sending people to the grave… Obesity and not eating properly [is] sending people to the grave.”

He acknowledges the danger of the drug (especially when mixed with other intoxicants, which he says will kill you) but turns his focus to the importance of balance and “knowing when to say when.”

Wall says he still sips syrup every day.

“Who’s dying from syrup? I don’t know nobody that’s dying from syrup and I’m from the city of syrup. Everybody I know sips syrup…. We all do this and none of us is dying,” he adds. “You see me. I’ve got my health together. I’m still sipping every day. I ain’t been to the hospital yet because I don’t overdo it and I balance the scales. You gotta balance the scales with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.”

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