Image credit: PJ Spaniol

Justin Rose has been coming correct since we first got familiar with him through the catchy “She Movin’.” The Queens-bred artist blends sounds and styles, both rapping and singing on various tracks, but his greatest asset so far might be the fact that he produces too. Rose keeps lacing himself with hard-hitting, edgy production, which makes sense when you learn about the musical impact that Pharrell and The Neptunes had on him.

“I made the beat to pay homage to Uncle P (Pharrell) and the whole Neptunes era since that is hands down my biggest influence. (Hence me calling him Uncle P although we are not related!),” Justin explains. “When the track was done it just sounded so crazy that the only thought I really felt was, ‘I Got It!’ I understand what it takes to kill your passion in order to gain the respect of the pioneers that have paved the way.”

Justin Rose’s Water White is coming soon. For the meantime get into “I Got It” below.

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