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Photo by Tom Spray

When DJ Shadow finished the beat for “Nobody Speak,” it was time to find some artists to rap over the funky bass-heavy production and there was only one option in his mind—Run The Jewels.

“Occasionally, I make a beat that demands a specific vocal treatment and attitude,” he explains. “In the case of ‘Nobody Speak,’ I wasn’t going to settle for anyone other than Run The Jewels; in my mind, it was them or no one. Fortunately, they agreed, and they took the track to a place I could never get to on my own. That’s the definition of a rewarding collaboration.”

He was right. El-P and Killer Mike delivered. El-P sets the mood with the insane line, “I will punch a baby bear in his shit,” right off the bat. Then Killer Mike adds, “Pet your momma on the booty, kick the dog, fuck your bitch. Fat boy dressed up like he’s Santa and took pictures with your kids.” Holy shit. Do we laugh along or run in the opposite direction? This is crazy. Listen below.

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