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Teen sisters Chloe and Halle have been making a name for themselves through a series of stripped-back covers on YouTube for the last few years. Eventually, Beyoncé took notice when their versions of her songs caught fire and signed the duo to her Parkwood Entertainment label.

With the release of debut single/video “Drop,” we see the first studio effort from Chloe x Halle—and it’s a good one. Riding on horses at dawn through the same pastoral location where Django Unchained was filmed, the young sisters deliver exceptionally confident vocals over booming production.

Most importantly, they have style. There are plenty of talented vocalists on YouTube, but it’s rare to find artists with an intriguing aesthetic to go with that musical talent—especially at such a young age. It’ll be interesting to see how they develop under the guidance of Beyoncé and Parkwood. Watch above.


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