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AlunaGeorge Flume

Image via Next Talent

AlunaGeorge popped up on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show today and shared a new single called “I Remember,” featuring production from Flume. When the four minute follow-up to “I’m In Control” finished playing, vocalist Aluna Francis explained how the collaboration came together.

“There were a few festivals last year where we were both playing,” she said. “Like, I don’t know, eight times. So of course, backstage you’re chatting about what you can do together in the studio because us musicians can’t resist.”

Francis also detailed the meaning behind the song, saying it’s about “when you bump into an ex and you think you’ve really gotten over them. There’s that moment when you’re acting like strangers but there are so many memories that pop up in your head and in a way you wish you could go back to the beginning and go through the best bits. The rose-tinted sunglasses parts. It’s an irresistible thing that goes through your mind if you have any lingering feelings for somebody. As much as you try to get over them, there are still memories.”

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