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Image via The Paul Institute

UPDATE: Stream “Landcruisin'” below.

Earlier this week, Jai Paul and his brother A.K. Paul announced a mysterious new venture called the Paul Institute. We were excited about the possibility of new Jai Paul music, but the open-ended announcement had us a little scared the brothers were quitting music and starting a secretive law school or something.

Fortunately, it looks like the Paul Institute will be bringing us plenty of new music from the brothers, as they released A.K.’s solo debut called “Landcruisin'” through the site today. You’ll need to provide them your phone number to join the institute and stream the song, but it’s worth it. They even give you your own name upon entry. Mine was Bull Ale. Which is so much cooler than the name my parents gave me (sorry, Mom). The Paul brothers are to be trusted.

Join the Paul Institute and hear “Landcruisin'” HERE.

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