London-based artist GAIKA first introduced himself to us late last year, using “Blasphemer” his single as a great first impression. In the time since then, he shared his debut mixtape Machine which finds him blending sounds of grime, dancehall, and hip-hop in a seamless fashion. The last time we heard from GAIKA was on a remix of Kelela’s “All The Way Down.”

GAIKA makes his return with the announcement of his forthcoming mixtape titled SECURITY. This new 10-track mixtape is set to be released on April 21 via Mixpak Records. He follows up the announcement with the release of the mixtape’s first single, “PMVD” featuring Mista Silva. Similar to his previous work, “PMVD” has a dark undertone that feels irresistibly inviting. Even with its haunting factor, the rhythm feels appropriate to dance along to.

Listen to “PMVD” below.

GAIKA is currently preparing himself for his upcoming world tour. View all of the tour dates below.