Commodo’s “Set It Straight,” featuring intense London rapper Rocks FOE, was already great, but now it has a dark and ominous video too. Directed by Wilou Wild & Loup Blaster, the visual mixes grainy footage of Rocks FOE in various London locations with flickering animation. “Rocks FOE is ‘against the grain’ in a society of control and regularity where people act like machines,” the directors explain. “We were inspired by Metropolis, the art of M.C. Escher, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.”

Commodo’s new album How What Time will be out April 22 via Black Acre (the same label that brought us Rocks FOE’s excellent Legion EP and Connie Constance’s debut), and will feature “Set It Straight” and lots more fire.

Speaking on “Set It Straight,” Commodo tells us, “When I was considering vocals for this track I had something very specific in mind, something that was as much hip-hop as it was grime; but still unmistakably British. We found that in Rocks FOE who I think is one of the most unique and talented artists in the UK underground.” Indeed he is.

Watch the video above.

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