Wara From the NHBD closed out 2015 with the release of If Guns Could Speak PSA, now he’s ready to kick off the new year with some fresh material. Today he returns with not one but two new singles, “Death Match” and “Skin Tone.” Wara showcases the duality of his personality with the release of these contrasting tracks.

“Death Match” features Wara and J.I.D delivering their gritty verses with a force that demands attention. In Wara’s own words: “J.I.D and I [are] showing people that we’re not the ones to fuck with lyrically.” But Wara proves there’s more to him than the rough exterior with the release of the pairing single “Skin Tone.”

On “Skin Tone,” Wara manages to reveal a bit of vulnerability over a smoother rhythm. “‘Skin Tone’ is probably one of my best songs simply because of what it represents,” Wara explains. “Self empowerment for people that look like me–overall it’s a record for the world that speaks for itself.”

Listen to both new singles below.