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Earlier this week Tyler, the Creator shared the brightly colored lookbook for the Fall/Winter ’15 collection of his GOLF clothing line. The photos as well as the actual pieces are so aesthetically pleasing that the lookbook was covered by various sites, however the most unexpected one was Golf Digest.

Although the name of Tyler’s line is GOLF, Tyler has admitted multiple times that he doesn’t even like the sport and in fact just thinks the word itself is cool. This fact is exactly what sparked the interest of Golf Digest. The website—dedicated to the actual sport—wrote an article inquiring why Tyler would name his line after a sport he doesn’t enjoy.

Tyler shared the link to the article on his Twitter paged and expressed his clear excitement in a set of tweets that have since been deleted: “HAHAHAHA THIS IS NUTS,” he wrote. “MIDDLE AGED WHITE MEN ARE READING THAT ARTICLE. YES YES YES YES YES YES. GETTING OUT OF A BUBBLE IM HYPED…ITS STUFF THEY CAN WEAR TOO THO THATS WHY ITS SICK.” Judging by the article, it seems Tyler’s GOLF line might make it onto actual golf courses in the near future: “We’re not expecting anyone to play 18 holes in that coat, although the line’s hats are golf course appropriate—and pretty sweet we might add.”

@GolfDigest WOW WOW WOW

— Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler) December 9, 2015

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