Brooklyn-based noise pop duo Sleigh Bells have been relatively quiet ever since the release of 2013’s Bitter Rivals, losing a bit of their once-unstoppable buzz in the process. Now, the pair have finally returned with “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty.” Mostly stripped of the duo’s signature overblown aesthetic, this one is all pop, focusing more on Alexis Krauss’ melodies than Derek Miller’s frequently fierce sounding production.

Tweeting the track out earlier today, they pair said, “Here’s a new song: ‘Champions of Unrestricted Beauty’. We are finishing up our record, didn’t want to wait.” Taken from their currently untitled and unaccounted fourth album, “Champions of Unrestricted Beauty” is easily one of the clearest song we’ve heard from the duo yet. Listen to the song above and look out for a new album from Sleigh Bells sometime next year.