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A lot has happened to Yung Lean since he uploaded “Ginseng Strip” to YouTube all the way back in 2013. He’s worked with Travis $cott, went on sold-out world tours, and he’s evolved past his initial sad-rap schtick considerably well. While elements of his cloudy debut mixtape, Unknown Death, stuck around for 2014’s Unknown Memory, Yung Lean is looking to somewhat reinvent himself with his new Yung Gud-produced single, “Hoover.”

As the first official release from Lean since 2014’s Unknown Memory, “Hoover” marks a dramatic return for Leandoer. The beat grinds and whirs with an aggressive rumble, and Lean sounds more at home on the beat than he ever has before. If this is his new sound going forward, it looks like a lot of his early detractors will be eating crow very shortly. The impeccably shot video for the track shows just how far Lean has come, too.

The Leo Siboni-directed video twists and turns, purposing dirt and dingy colors into something beautiful. The video sees Lean getting absolutely filthy in slow motion, bikes pulling off impressive jumps, and a number of forlorn shots that perfectly encapsulate Lean’s idiosyncratic sound. There couldn’t have been a better choice to sum up the whirring sound of “Hoover” better than bikes struggling to get through thick mud. Watch the video for “Hoover” above.


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