Mark Ronson recently stopped by Sway in the Morning for a short interview. During their discussion, Ronson spoke about the handful of artists that he’s worked (and almost worked with) in the past. He explained a time where Jay Z approached him, seeming really interested in working together but never heard from him again. He went on to discuss working with Adele, and of course Amy Winehouse.

During the interview, Sway mentioned that he’d recently seen the Amy Winehouse documentary and learned so much from it. Ronson added that he enjoyed seeing the lyrics on the screen because there were some from her first album Frank that he wasn’t familiar with. “She really is one of the best wordsmiths of our generation,” said Ronson. “She was like a proper lyricist.” He goes on to explain that the film “puts her back up on a pedestal.”

Watch the full discussion above.