Image via Gaika

Image via Gaika

My inbox is a mess, unread message count reaching over the thousands, PR people and managers curious why I haven’t responded in weeks. It’s not a good situation, only making it harder to pick out emails from the underdogs, the people who have somehow got my personal email address and just want me to listen to their music.

The thing is, I want to listen. A random, unsolicited submission was how I discovered Max Wonders, and it’s how we’ve come to share GAIKA’s incredibly powerful “Blasphemer.”

It’s a protest song for our times, raw and impassioned vocals taking on issues like police brutality and poverty, emerging briefly from the fog of negativity and pain with hope for the future: “Some day, some day, my people won’t die this way.” The gritty soul of GAIKA’s voice is paired with booming electronic production and the vocal effects only serve to enhance the song’s emotion, all coming together for a memorable introduction to this mysterious artist.

All the information we have on GAIKA for the moment is the artwork above, but hopefully he’ll share more with us soon. Listen to “Blasphemer” below.

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