Arthur Ashin recently announced that he would be releasing a new album as Autre Ne Veut next month titled Age of Transparency, and so far we’ve heard both “World War Pt. 2” and “Panic Room” from the upcoming record. Today, Arthur has shared yet another video, but this one is just a little different from the last. Instead of going for the traditional music video approach, the Allie Avital-directed video for “Panic Room” has Arthur performing the song acapella in front of a panel of judges.

Removing the vibrant production and keeping Arthur’s vocals entirely bare, the video is a considerable change from the original version of the track. The panel in the video is comprised of his manager Dan Weisman, his sister Kira Ashin, and famous music critic Ian Cohen. While the original sounded as if it were mid-panic, this video sounds like it’s on the verge of panic, eerily empty and stripped-back. The focus on Arthur’s voice is both powerful, and a little uncomfortable.

It’s safe to say that with this and the “World War Pt. 2” video, Arthur is really stepping up his music videos game this time around. Autre Ne Veut’s new album Age of Transparency will be released via Downtown on October 2.