Autre Ne Veut’s new album, Age of Transparency, is shaping up to be Arthur Ashin’s best album under the name yet. Ashin’s third full-length under the moniker has been accompanied by some fantastic videos, which have beautifully complimented an impressive series of singles. The album’s title track might just be the most striking cut we’ve heard from the album so far, and the video is equally as captivating.

The Allie Avital-directed video takes place in an office in which everyone is seemingly turning into statues, with Ashin nonchalantly dancing and posing around the frozen workplace. It’s a visually arresting video that pairs with the gorgeous, triumphant track wonderfully. As with some of the best tracks from Anxiety, “Age of Transparency” pairs Ashin’s powerful voice with production that’s grandiose, beautiful, and just a little experimental. Age of Transparency is out October 2 via Downtown Records.