It’s hard to cope with the reality of autumn and the inevitable colder weather that will soon arrive when music can make it feel so easy to mentally escape. Many songs can give off the impression of an endless summer, while others provide the necessary soundtrack many of us need during these transitional times. Portland, Oregon-based band Rare Monk’s latest single “Warning Pulse” is the prime example of the latter.

Earlier this year, “Warning Pulse” found its way onto one of Urban Outfitters’ playlist but now it’s getting an official release. The track is the lead single from Rare Monk’s forthcoming self-titled EP. There’s an instant coolness about “Warning Pulse” that can be felt as soon as the instrumentation begins. The guitar feels simultaneously dizzying and soothing, creating a contrast that works perfectly. Rare Monk momentarily pick up their tempo for the chorus, but things quickly fall back into their previous tranquil state right until the very end—feeling fitting for the more relaxed months to come.

Listen to “Warning Pulse” below.