Image via Universal/Gilligan Moss

The lush, multi-layered remix of Glass Animals’ “Gooey” that Gilligan Moss delivered made it clear that he was a producer worth paying attention to. That has been well and truly confirmed on his debut EP Ceremonial, out August 14.

On the EP, New York native Moss shows off the full range of his sound, from the bubbly “Choreograph” to the highly danceable “Ceremonial” and the wonky pop of “It Felt Right.” There are all manner of vocals and surprising samples across each of the tracks EPs, often chopped up or layered with effects, used as just another sound in his vivid aural palette, ready to be splattered across the unique canvas that is his music.

Giilligan Moss’ debut live show goes down on August 14th at London Fields Brewery. Grab the Ceremonial EP digitally here and on vinyl here.