With DJ Rashad leaving the world way too soon, the spotlight has been on his TEKLIFE brethren, seeing how they’ll operate after he helped gift Chicago’s footwork culture to the world. DJ Spinn, the man who helped found TEKLIFE alongside Rashad (as well as one of Rashad’s frequent collaborators and tour mates) is stepping up with his debut EP Off That Loud, which doubles as his solo debut for Hyperdub (which released Rashad’s critically-acclaimed Double Cup LP as well as the Next Life compilation).

Today is Spinn’s time, and he’s kicked things off with “Dubby,” a jungle-influenced masterpiece that features original vocals from Detroit’s own Danny Brown. It’s not a full rap track, but Danny makes sure to big up Chicago and how the footworkers work in his lines. In keeping with the progression of the footwork sound, “Dubby” is a blend of jungle breaks and bass and perfect jazz-y flips alongside the TEKLIFE footwork rumble.

The Ashes57-edited video for “Dubby” is up above, and the full tracklist is down below, alongside DJ Spinn’s take on Kanye West’s “All Day.” Look for Off That Loud to drop on October 2, 2015.

Off That Loud tracklist:

1. Throw It Back feat Taso & Mimosa
2. The Future Is Now
3. Off That Loud
4. Dubby with Rashad & Danny Brown

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