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Image via NPR

Image via NPR

For the first time since 2012, a new Tame Impala project is entirely available for our listening pleasure. The Australian group took to NPR’s always relevant First Listen platform to stream Currents five days ahead of its official release. Highly anticipated by fans and backed by a recent wave of press coverage, the band has high expectations to meet. A quick glimpse at the music reveals sharpened songwriting and expansive, expensive soundscapes likely worth waiting for.

Listen to the mercurial Currents in full below. The record hits online and offline stores July 17; preorder the project on iTunes here.

Currents‘ 13-song tracklist is as follows:

1. “Let It Happen”
2. “Nangs”
3. “Moment”
4. “Yes I’m Changing”
5. “Eventually”
6. “Gossip”
7. “The Less I Know The Better”
8. “Past Life”
9. “Disciples”
10. “‘Cause I’m A Man”
11. “Reality In Motion”
12. “Love/Paranoia”
13. “New Person, Same Old Mistake”

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