At first, the thought of a one-track EP may seem a bit unorthodox but when listening to any full project the hope is that it will all flow smoothly from start to finish. Not having to skip any songs makes the listening process much more enjoyable. From that perspective, a one-track EP actually makes perfect sense.

dylAn just recently released sumtotAl EP Vol. 1 and it seems to follow this same idea. As an individual song, nine minutes would seem a bit too long but the beat continues to switch up in a completely seamless way, making the length of the track feel irrelevant.

The tone of dylAn’s sumtotAl EP Vol. 1 changes with the beat as well as his own flow. The instrumentation is jazz-influenced and calming throughout but dylAn’s mood quickly transforms from relaxed to somber to lighthearted again in just a matter of moments. dylAn shows the range of his ability in just under ten minutes—a preview of what’s to come on his upcoming mixtape lowercase A due out August 5.

Listen to sumtotAl EP Vol. 1 below.