Anyone who has been more than a couple failed dates knows that one of the main reasons things don’t work out is a lack of common interests. Not sharing musical interests, for instance, can be a major deal breaker. Many people are just hoping to find that special someone who loves all of the bands they do, so they can finally have a permanent concert date. A new app called Glance hopes to make that search a little bit easier for music lovers.

Glance hopes to put an end to the heartbreaking missed connections that often occur at music festivals and concerts. The app allows users to select what festivals they will be attending and scroll through potential matches. Similar to Tinder, users simply have to swipe right in order to show their interest in one another.

Jeron Jochems, the designer of the app, explains that Glance “connects you to likeminded people attending the same festivals and club nights as you. If someone likes you back it’s a match and you could go together. Bye bye awkward dates with people you have nothing in common with. Hello event driven dating.”

Get the app here.


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