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Image via Panda Bear / Tonje Thilesen

Image via Panda Bear / Tonje Thilesen

It’s always interesting to hear the varying perspectives of artists through their music. The original version of Panda Bear’s “Come To Your Senses” is hypnotically dizzying in its simplicity. PC Music’s Danny L Harle took the track and transformed it into something completely new. Both artists find different ways to highlight the main “are you mad?” lyrics in ways that are equally intriguing.

The fast-paced production on Harle’s version of “Come To Your Senses” makes it sound totally unrecognizable until the lyrics come through. The once mellow, tension-easing track opens up into a track that urges you to dance. Ultimately offering an alternative way to ease that same tension.

Listen to Danny L Harle’s remix of “Come To Your Senses” below.

Panda Bear also announced a 3-night run at Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Tickets are on sale today, get them below.

October 13 || Bowery Ballroom || New York, NY (w/ PC Worship) || TIX
October 14 || Bowery Ballroom || New York, NY (w/ Image Man) || TIX
October 15 || Bowery Ballroom || New York, NY (w/ The Present) || TIX

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