For a while, "Scud Books" felt like a P&P inside joke. Over two years ago, I wrote about this song in a stupid post about songs that make us feel like heroes. It's kind of ironic, now that I think about it. I sat there, in front of a computer, chest puffed out, listening to a low quality, janky radio rip of this track, writing about how it made me feel like a hero. I was probably eating dry cereal, typing away while a small pile of crumbs gathered on the crotch of my sweatpants.

At least once every couple of months, someone would bring up "Scud Books," wondering if it would ever drop or if maybe it was destined to be one of those songs that ended up as a 30-second clip in a Nike commercial. I gave up on it. I ripped it from YouTube like an asshole, and I was satisfied with this low quality radio rip because I am a savage. Yesterday, the official "Scud Books" was finally released. It's below, and on our Spotify playlist. I may still be a savage with crumbs on my crotch, but when I listen to "Scud Books," I feel like a fucking hero again. Bless your heart, Hudson Mohawke.—Confusion

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