Much of what makes Brooklyn-based Harlemite Salomon Faye intriguing derives from his presence, a commanding energy he brings to every record. He never overwhelms with technique in the way a rapper like Kendrick Lamar might, but the conviction of his voice gives his words a consistent weight—the burden of belief behind every line.

New EP Stimulation collects several of Faye’s strongest singles—including “Alchemy” and “Quest,” songs that are almost two years old, but still stand up to time—with a few new songs (including spiritual standout “Unlimited” and expansive closer “Awake”) to add dimension. Stimulation feels cut from the cloth of Rawkus-era New York without dying in the tomb of the of nostalgia—reverent and reminiscent, but buoyed by Faye’s particular energy.

Stream Stimulation below.

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