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Earlier this week Hudson Mohawke announced that he would release his next album, Lanternon June 16 in North America. He said he set out to create a classic upon recording the album, and considering the recent playlist of influences he shared with The Guardian, there’s every chance he could achieve his lofty goal. Perhaps the strangest and most diverse playlist of videos ever compiled, the videos range from folk songs to bizarre sketch comedy and low quality footage of happy hardcore raves.

Some of the videos make hardly any sense, and are probably just there because they’re the type of thing that HudMo finds hilarious when drunk/high, but it’s also easy to see how some of the music on the playlist might influence his own. From the opening sequence to Ghost in the Shell to the nightmare-fuel that is Malice in Wonderland, it’s an interesting look into the mind that is Hudson Mohawke. But still, the inclusion of Tim Heidecker’s surreal stand up set and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is a nice touch, too.

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