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Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

UPDATE: Killer Mike reportedly tore his rotator cuff during the altercation. He flew home to Atlanta to get it checked out, and his doctor told him to stay home and wear his arm in a sling. Mike declined, telling fans at a show afterwards “I was like, ‘doctor, I’m not leaving the road – the tour goes on!’” RTJ then warned fans not to interrupt the show—“if you interrupt this song, we’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

On Monday during one of Run The Jewels’ SXSW performances, their set was interrupted by a man attempting to attack Killer Mike and El-P onstage. Keyword being “attempt” because whatever his plan was failed miserably and the attacker wound up much worse in the end.

Thankfully, neither members of Run The Jewels were hurt. Before any punches were actually landed, Killer Mike was able to react rather quickly and push the man off stage. Once the attacker was pushed back into the crowd, a few audience members gave him a piece of their mind before what looks like a security guard ended the situation.

Watch the whole incidence take place, thanks to multiple fan videos.


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