Scarlett Johansson just recently put out a new single titled “Candy” with her new band after a long hiatus from music. The band features Este Haim, as well as singer-songwriters Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, and Julia Haltigan. The ladies planned to call their supergroup The Singles, the only problem is a group by that name already exists.

Vincent Frederick—frontman of the original band called The Singles—wrote in a press release, “I woke up one morning and learned from the news that our band name was literally just taken by someone else as their own.” Frederick also stated in the same press release that the band would be taking legal action. A cease-and-desist has been issued to Johansson’s representatives claiming trademark infringement.

Frederick noted that his band has been around since 1999 under the name The Singles. With their noticeable presence on social media and their music available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets, he said that, “Just a simple search on Google would have revealed that ‘The Singles’ was already a band name being used by another pop/rock band – our band.”

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