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Marika Hackman is just one of those artists that continues to impress, and “Next Year” is no exception. Featuring her signature whisper-like and seductively spectral vocals, “Next Year” is just another reason to be excited about We Sleep At Last, which is due for release February 16. Atop its floral bed of lavish production, Hackman offers her distinct brand of effortless folk, once again making her understated approach remarkably cinematic in spite of its scale.

Its sense of soft finality is methodical, slowly unraveling as the track progresses with little sense of urgency, but plenty of closure, the whole track is a textural wonder. With its release just around the corner, this tantalizing taste of the record promises a beautiful and bold debut that’ll make the short wait seem a whole lot longer than it really is. Pre-order We Sleep At Last here.

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