Harriet Brown is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, and on “20/15” he goes heavy on the funk and Prince-esque vocals with sultry but uplifting results. On first listen, it might sound like the artist is trying to seduce the subject he’s singing to, with lines like, “I’ll give you a full check up for free,” but closer attention reveals something deeper. Harriet Brown explains that this song is specifically for those people who are, “supportive and extremely gifted at lifting up their loved ones, but somehow can’t see their own self-worth,” hence the title “20/15,” a play on 20/20 vision.

Get funky with Harriet Brown and grab a free download of “20/15,” co-produced by Alex Talan of Rare Times, then read a few thoughts from Brown below.

What can you tell me about the meaning behind this song? It sounds as if you’re addressing someone… is it based on personal experience?
I originally wrote this song for my lady, though I think it’s something to which most of us can relate, myself included. This song especially goes out to all the ladies and fellas who are amazingly supportive and extremely gifted at lifting up their loved ones, but somehow can’t see their own self-worth. If we could learn to absorb for ourselves the love we’re always imparting on others, I think our collective peace could blossom tenfold. But I know this is not an easy thing to do; it’s more the kind of thing you work on throughout your entire lifetime.

What have you got planned after this single?
I’ve got a full-length I’m currently preparing for this world — it should arrive in full form this year. I’ll also be working on some collabs.

Who inspires you on the production side, and who inspires you on the vocal side?
Right now on the production side, I’m very inspired by Jam and Lewis, Stuart Matthewman on the early Maxwell albums, Keith Sweat, Jazzie B and PM Dawn. On the vocal side, Mariah Carey, Caron Wheeler, Maxwell, Mint Condition, D’Angelo and Bone Thugs are especially inspiring to me at the moment. This might be more apparent on the full-length to come, but the inspirations are constantly shifting. I can say, however, that Prince and Sade are always inspiring my work, even as it evolves.

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