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French independent label FAKE MUSIC are currently in the process of setting up shop in Los Angeles, creating buzz with events like this forbidden foie gras party, but it’s the music that’s got our attention. Their latest release comes from Edyth, a mysterious producer who describes his music and persona as, “a narrative-backed, sci-fi influenced and earth-inspired project.”

On his new EP, BARE I, Edyth demonstrates incredible versatility. On the sub-bothering “Herbal Blend,” he creates a murky but propulsive track that could sit easily in a set alongside Joy Orbison’s music, while “Crystxls” is more like a heavily smoked out hip-hop beat. All five tracks are unique and excellent, worth sitting and listening to in, as Edyth himself says, “the most comfortable environment you can think of.”

Buy the EP here, learn more about Edyth below.

What can you tell us about Edyth?
It’s a narrative-backed, sci-fi influenced and earth-inspired project that I’ve dreamt of exploring ever since I took up music producing. I envision it, basically, as an allegorical space vessel carrying artificially monitored miniature replicas of earth’s environments. It’d be unfair for me to say that it’s just mine because I feel like my friends, Max the art director, Yoann, Joss and the amazing team at FAKE MUSIC and everyone that has ever listened has helped shape the experience and story that is being told before you. It never intended to be anything beyond another personal project based on the Arctic Sound, earthscapes and textures I saw in late ’90s/2000s electronic culture made to float off into the web with many like it.

Hopefully it’ll remain a personal experience I can quietly and peacefully craft for another few years.

What appeals to you about anonymity as an artist?
What is there not to like? I’m free to roam the world as the average guy I grew up as, not who the world might come to know me as. I get to be represented by the clothes on my back and how I treat people, not what I have under my belt. I get to be judged as a part of a whole, not as the exception. While I may have to constantly re-evaluate myself and moderate the amount of anonymity I live under in order to avoid the ego-high that one can associate with this kind of “nobility.” This is something you can find in some retreatist buddhist cultures and can be just as poisonous as being incredibly famous.

I just like my privacy and being able to have cheap coffee with my girlfriend without having to think twice about who might be looking. Also it distances the work away from me and the way I look or my style. I feel like we’re too obsessed with associating people and their appearances to their art/music. We sensationalize artists more than their work and I want the project to speak for itself.

We sensationalize artists more than their work.

How did you link up with Fake Music for this EP?
I had the tracks sitting around my hard drive for a while and Max (who is my long-time online friend and Art Director of FAKE MUSIC) would hassle me about when I’d put them out there. I was already working on other things at the time, looking for a job etc but I reckoned why not wrap it all up and send it off into the intertubes. He told me he’d make the art for it if I did and we sat down and just laid out all the material with the intention of it just being just another internet album. Yoann (the label head) tells me he happened to walk in on Max while he was playing some of the stuff in Los Angeles and was just curious to what and who it was. Since then he became a brother to me and my vision. I can’t stress enough what they have done to change my artistic life. They (the FAKE MUSIC team) are in and of themselves very interesting individuals.

What’s the ideal scenario to experience your music?
That’s a tough question…hmm…. it only follows that you should hear this EP from beginning to end in the most comfortable environment you can think of. Where you go to find that sense of peace away from all the noise. Maybe a drink or two or whatever vice you might have.

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