One of the things that helped Wara From The NBHD‘s impressive 2014 album Kidnapped stand out was the excellent production—funky, jazzy, raw, and definitely N.E.R.D.-influenced. His latest song, “P.N.S,”  impresses again, with raw, abrasive beats and politically charged lyrics, and comes with an ominous video to match.

“P.N.S. is from Wara’s If Guns Could Speak EP, out January 26. Watch the video above

Wara From The NBHD told Miss Info more about what the song means to him:

“Protect N Serve is focusing on the results that I’ve seen first hand of people I grew up around getting rejected by the system because of their criminal background and past. I felt with this record I had to speak that language, and in many ways, that’s what the EP represents: its harsh content. But this is what you hear on the daily growing up where I’m from — this negative language, slang, street codes etc.”

“Protect N Serve,” from my perspective, means something totally different. It’s more of a subliminal way of telling people why we feel the way we feel about law enforcement in these black neighborhoods and why there’s crime. At this point in hip-hop and in music period, I see everyone preaching positivity, and that’s great. But I also feel the negative should be studied and questions should be asked first.”

Sonically, as an artist, I’m tired of rappers making killing and drug dealing sound pretty, when it’s really dark and fucked up. So I’m here to fill that void.”

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