On paper, an alternative R&B cover of a Coldplay song sounds like a recipe for incongruous coffee shop disaster.

In the able hands of New York singer Kiah Victoria, it becomes a canvas for a beautiful new work—a song so removed from the original as to feel almost entirely unrelated (except for the sturdy skeleton of the lyrics).

“I recorded this song a while back at Rubber Tracks with the boys of altopalo (also my live backing band, collaborators, and dearest brethren). I’ve always LOVED the song and wanted to cover it for quite some time,” says Kiah. “It feels like a bit of throw back, but I’m happy folks can hear it now.”

Victoria’s “Fix You” is the rare cover that justifies its existence alongside the original—neither displacing nor living in an impossible shadow, it’s an excellent accompaniment to an already beloved song.

If you’re in NY, check Kiah out at Mercury Lounge on Jan 17th.

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