Image via KINESTHETI@C on Soundcloud

Image via KINESTHETI@C on Soundcloud

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Following trends in music is cool and all, but so many artists aren’t interested in simply regurgitating the music of others. KINESTHETI@C, a mysterious producer who may or may not be from Macedonia or Indiana, goes so far against what’s big right now that it’s kind of hard to know where to begin in describing his output. Nothing sits still, like a fidgety ADHD child downloading ringtone samples to his flip-phone; it’s kind of genius, but it’s also absolutely fucking insane.

This is post-PC Music, next-level hyperactivity. Some of his tracks sound a like a GFOTY parody, which is essentially as meta as music can get. But with this hard-to-define level of irony and sincerity, it’s apparent that his ever-shifting styles have a lot of merit to them, even if we only get fleeting glimpses of this. Very clearly a talented producer in his own right, KINESTHETI@C is constantly moving his sound in increasingly obtuse directions, seemingly for the fun of it.

It’s the type of music that would make you question your own sanity: it raises a lot of unanswerable questions. It’s like a fascinating sherbert-covered notebook of that one kid who just couldn’t sit still in school. But at the same time, he’s not just making schizophrenic beats hellbent on confusing the listener, he’s also making gorgeous and refreshing ambient music.

Like the textural tears of a weeping computer running Windows 98, there’s something undeniably brilliant about everything this dude puts out. His tracks range from melancholic beauty to cocaine-fueled madness and unapologetic fun.

There’s no single thread tying all of his music together, but that’s what makes everything he does so interesting. His Soundcloud is essentially a surprise bag full of treats that will have you feeling some type of way, although there’s no rhyme or reason to the feeling that it’ll evoke. Sometimes garish, sometimes remarkably high-brow, KINESTHETI@C is making music to entertain himself first and foremost. Just when you think you’ve got him pinned down, another punk-length burst of color will begin to question everything you thought you knew. It’s the deepest Soundcloud hole you’ll ever find yourself in via a single user.

It’s the type of confusion that should be embraced. Everything about it is adventurous and almost impossible to keep track of. It’s capable of twisting the mind in bizarre and enjoyable ways. The only way to truly understand KINESTHETI@C is through repeat listens, during which a mental back and forth over annoyance and intense enjoyment will wage war. Check out a few select tracks from his insane Soundcloud below, and check out even more here.

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