Over the past week there’s been a lot of back and forth regarding Iggy Azalea and her place in hip-hop. To recap, Azealia Banks opened the door for the discussion when she reacted to Iggy’s Grammy nomination during a radio interview. Then Q-Tip weighed in, giving Azalea a hip-hop history lesson on Twitter. Following this, T.I. (whose Grand Hustle Records Iggy is signed to) took to Twitter to defend Azalea. Lupe Fiasco also chimed in echoing T.I.’s sentiments, and now another musician is voicing support for the Australian rapper.

This afternoon, Black Eyed Peas founder Will.i.Am fired off a handful of tweets backing Azalea. He discusses how he feels the real issue is ethics in hip-hop, not race, stating, “[it] saddens me that people are making a big deal about race in hiphop & not ethics…today’s ethics goes against our foundation.” Shortly after, Azalea tweeted her thanks for his support before responding to the points Q-Tip brought up.

Read their tweets below.