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Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

We’ve come a long way since the ancient days of sending fan mail to some of our favorite artists. Now thanks to Reddit, celebrities can sit and chat with their fans online for an hour and answer as many questions as they like. Rae Sremmurd recently did their own AMA on Reddit and answered questions that ranged from serious to hilariously clever. They even hinted at a possible collaboration with Drake in the near future. Here are the best quotes:

 How did you come up making a song with Baauer?
No Type and One Touch are my favorites songs right now!


 When are we getting a video for Throw Sum Mo? Love the song!

– yes were recruiting bad bitches as we speak #Dinosaur
– real soon

 Can’t say I’ve ever heard of you guys before, but you guys sound pretty cool! Considering your success, would your momma now say you’re livin’ right?

– yes she’s proud and loves invitations to shows
– Yes she loves us she tells me everyday #Jimmothy

 Define a “bad bitch”

Sexy face, nice nose, pretty eyes, sexy hair, sexy voice, likes water, sips tea with lemon, drinks on occasions, fucks like a stallion, doesn’t blow my phone up, likes to have fun, and the list goes on

 Exactly how wide is the no-flex zone around you?

5000000000 meters each direction.

 On a scale from one to ten, how much do you love chicken wings?


 Your Jimmy Fallon performance was a great look, great job you two!


 this isn’t a question but please make a song with drake. thank you.

we are soon

 How do you pronounce Sremm?


 Swae or Slim do you ever think you will buy exotic cars such as ferraris, lamborghinis, etc..

I’m trying to buy a flying vehicle, in 2015 i don’t want to touch the ground. #sremmLifeDay go get that shit

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