Celebrities are very busy people and are often in need of a little help to get things done. Seeing a celebrity with a personal assistant is nothing out of the ordinary these days but what some of these assistants are hired to do can sometimes be a little odd. The latest odd request comes from Waka Flocka Flame but may actually be a dream job for a lot of eager fans.

Earlier this week Waka Flocka took to his Instagram account to announce that he was looking for a personal blunt roller. That news alone is enough to spark interest but that wasn’t all. This personal blunt roller will apparently be paid $50,000 a year for the job. (Yes, you read that correctly).

The job advertisement read: “I’m paying 50k a year for a blunt roller… Hashtag #ICanRoll.” As expected, many fans were immediately skeptical but there were more than enough people ready to hashtag #ICanRoll as many times as necessary. Even actor Seth Rogen contacted Waka via Twitter about the future job. Waka also tweeted that he will only be accepting resumes written on blunts or rolling papers.

Only time will tell just how serious Waka Flock Flame is about this job. But it’s safe to say thousands of eager applicants are at home brushing up on their skills right now. You know, just in case.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, more than 60,000 people have applied for the position to be Waka Flocka’s personal blunt roller. He even posted a photo of himself going through all of the resumes people sent in. So if you’re suddenly feeling regret for not taking it seriously before, the good news is that you can still apply here.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

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