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Photos by Sean Stout

Last night at Baby’s All Right in New York City, Pigeons & Planes presented a show called No Ceilings. The idea was to start an event in NYC for rising independent artists who we believe in. The problem? We booked iLoveMakonnen as the headliner, and four days before the show, we got word that he was going on tour with Drake and had to cancel. Well, shit. We decided to do the show anyway with the artists already involved (who are all excellent): Daytrip, Daye Jack, and Pell. We added Wara From the NBHD to the lineup the day before the show, and DP came out as a surprise guest to perform the hard-as-fuck “Jabar.”

This show could have been a disaster. Our headliner canceled, we had to offer refunds, we had no money because we were like, “Fuck getting sponsors let’s just do it ourselves,” and we realized about halfway through the process that we had no idea how much work goes in to coordinating a show with multiple artists. We learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

But the show was not a disaster. The show was amazing. My word doesn’t matter because of course I would say that all of the artists were amazing, but trust me, all of the artists were amazing.

Thank you to Daytrip, Wara, DP, Daye Jack, and Pell. Thank you to everyone who helped put the show together. Thank you to Baby’s All Right. Thank you to everyone who came out.

To bring music to a real-world situation is one of the most satisfying things we’ve been able to do with Pigeons & Planes so far—way better than a stupid playlist or a dumb blog post. We’re definitely going to be doing more of this in the future, and hopefully next time things run a little more smoothly. If not, that’s alright—it’s still worth it.

Check out some pictures from the night above.

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