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Image via Ooh Brilliant

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First impressions are important, whether they are of people or music, but don’t let the fact that your introduction to Tula is through a cover of a Chris Isaak make you think that they are lacking in creativity themselves.

Tula are a five piece band (including the lady in the picture above) from Sweden but currently based in Berlin, and we don’t know that much more about them, not that that will matter to you as you fall under their spell listening to their cover of “Wicker Game.”

Employing a similar sort of hushed, sleek minimalism and deft dance music influences to The xx, Tula turn “Wicked Game” into their own beautiful ode to heartbreak, and we can’t wait to share more of their new music with you.

For the meantime, check out their website here, and listen to their cover of “Wicked Game” along with a much older song “Don’t Say A Word” below.

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