The mini-album Do It Again, a collaboration between Robyn and Röyksopp, has endless treats and mysterious surprises for its listeners, especially on the standout “Monument.” Robyn says the group “started writing ‘Monument’ after playing around with a software that can stretch short bits of music into billions of years of sound.”

The visual result, directed by Robyn’s boyfriend Max Vitali, tackles similarly opaque notions of time and light. It plays out like something out of Terence Malick’s “The Tree of Life,” abstract images that could be close-ups on electrons or the bird’s-eye view of a galaxy. Robyn and Röyksopp make appearances too, floating on a white disc in a similarly intergalactic void.

The track itself is a masterpiece, the sort of perfectly engineered dance floor acid trip we’ve come to expect from these frequent collaborators. Check out the video above and look below for a behind-the-scenes explainer piece, where Robyn explains why pretension isn’t always a bad thing: