Stars will be releasing their new album No One is Lost on October 14 via ATO Records, and today the Montreal-based band shares the first single. According to NPR, who premiered this song, the band recorded the album above a discotheque. Judging by “From The Night,” that seems like an appropriate setting. With La Roux’s disco-flavored album still in heavy rotation, it seems like Stars might carry on that vibe into the autumn. And like with La Roux’s album, the danceable beat is only a coating of sugar thinly veiling things far less sweet.

From Stars singer Torquil Campbell: “‘From the Night’ is a letter to those of you who stayed home and didn’t take a chance on the possibility that a bassline and a hi-hat rhythm might save your life. We just wanted you all to know that it’s beautiful out here; that everyone feels like time won’t end and we will all be alive forever. Oh, and one other thing: It’s lonely. There is no lonelier feeling in the world than watching the sun rise as you walk home. Go back to sleep. And dream…”