Image via Spooky Black's Facebook

Image via Spooky Black’s Facebook

When Spooky Black surfaced earlier this year with the bizarre video for “Without U,” it raised a lot of questions. What’s with the du-rag? How old is this kid? It was a confusing time, and it seemed as if almost no one was focusing on his actual music. If you look past the strange aesthetic of his debut video, then it’s easy to see why people are gradually taking more and more interest in him.

One of the people who paid attention to his music outside the video is Doc McKinney, aka one of the key producers behind The Weeknd’s early (and arguably best) output. That’s right, one of the defining producers of alternative R&B has collaborated with Yung Spookz. Considering how fast “Without U” gained plays on SoundCloud and Youtube, it’s not entirely surprising; a collaboration with someone relatively big seemed almost inevitable.

It’s the type of stuff that forces haters to reconsider, making it clear that he’s more than just a meme, even if his debut video had you thinking otherwise. Listen to “Reason” below, which was co-produced by Bobby Raps and Psymun alongside the Doc.

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