Sometimes songs are just too good to be left alone. It looks like that’s turning out to be the case for Jessie Ware’s “Tough Love.” Not long after the official release of the original single, Cyril Hahn dropped his version—transforming “Tough Love” from a down tempo ballad to an uptempo dance mix. Now, a few weeks later, Sango has put his own touch on the track. And it wouldn’t be a Sango beat if it didn’t have that extra bounce to it. But even on top of bass heavy production Jessie Ware’s lyrics still remain the focal point. Each remix amplifies just how good the core of this song truly is. Who says you can’t get into your emotions and bop your head to the beat at the same time?

Listen to Sango’s remix of “Tough Love” below. Jessie Ware just announced a special Tough Love tour with tickets allotted by ballot—apply for that here.

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