18+’s “Crow” is the sound of DJ Mustard playing R&B in an abandoned medieval castle. And it’s brilliant.

18+ are a US boy/girl duo who have been making music together since 2011, releasing a trilogy of mixtapes (check them out on the duo’s Soundcloud here) that led, according to the press release, “to commissions by Prada and the Venice Biennale.” Their new 7″ of “Crow” and “Horn” is being put out by Fabric sister label Houndstooth, and both songs feel unique and fresh, not to mention pulsating with a sly but sultry malevolence. Great work from the little known duo who should soon be much more widely known.

The “Crow / Horn” 12″ will be out August 4 via Houndstooth. Pre-order here and listen to both songs below.