Twin Peaks, one of the most beloved TV shows in history, was canceled too soon. It was groundbreaking, surreal, and packed with style. It not only influenced countless shows and movies, it also influenced a large handful of musicians, too. It's been around 25 years since the show premiered, and musicians continue to pay tribute even today.

Today, with the release of new footage on blu-ray, we finally get to see the mythological deleted scenes from Lynch's masterpiece, Fire Walk With Me. The film was misunderstood upon release, and it wasn't all that surprising considering it was fairly hard to piece together without close inspection of both the series and movie. But now, we can make sense of it thanks to 90 minutes worth of deleted scenes, expanding upon the sequel and prequel elements explored in the feature film.

With all the excitement surrounding today's release with new footage, we decided to take a look at some of the best references to Twin Peaks in music. No, we didn't consider Moby's "Go," even if it is the most famous use of Lynch's series in music; and no, we didn't include Bastille's "Laura Palmer" because Dan Smith has silly hair. What we did include, however, is 10 great examples of paying tribute to the wonderful show.

From the silly, to the passionate, we've got it all. Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song... and there's always music in the air.

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